Modern Dating with a Twist.

Meetcha is a new dating app with a twist. Whether you’re looking for a date in your area, or the love of your life, Meetcha is here to help.

Welcome to Meetcha

We believe there is more to someone then what’s on the surface. Here at Meetcha, we don’t believe in judging a book by its cover, therefore, the app does not let you see your potential matches faces, ensuring you find a compatible personality.

Meetcha is a modern online dating app with a twist.

Meetcha is designed to match people with similar interests and compatible personalities that complement each other. Whether you’re looking for a date in your area or the love of your life, Meetcha is here to help.

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Your Voice is a Mysterious Thing.

Your voice is a mysterious thing, and even you may not know what your voice is saying about you. Talking, it’s not only your words that impact others but also the natural tone, volume, pitch, and pace shows that you are secure and confident. Your voice could be blooming, raspy, or demure, but it also speaks volumes about your personality.

Meetcha – Modern Dating with a Twist

Safe Dating Tips and Advice

Dating services are for meeting new people, socializing and having fun. Keep in mind a few pointers to help ensure a safe and fun dating experience. These safety tips are general guidelines for all women and men using dating apps, online dating, match making services and personals classifieds. We recommend that you read the information below to help keep yourself and the dating community safe. You are always the best judge of your own safety, and these guidelines are not intended to be a substitute for your own judgement. Please consider safe dating tips and advice to help ensure a secure and safe dating experience.