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Meeting in a casual setting eases all pressure and makes it easier to connect with the person you're meeting

If a candidate is inquisitive, a quick learner, responds to advice, and a good character to interact with, all of these qualities become apparent on a golf course. I have started doing all of my interviews on a golf course.

Founded by two brothers, both wanted to network with other experienced industry insiders in their respective fields. They tried using other business networking apps, but it was tough to find ambitious and like-minded people. So, they made an app all about the initial introduction. They realized that business networking could be awkward in a tense business setting. To make introductions more fun, relaxed, and meaningful, they designed an app to let people meet in a leisurely environment. They realized that common interests outside of the office keep the conversation flowing and improves a professional relationship. Today, Meetcha facilitates meetings between aspiring professionals and mentors, employers and prospects, and anyone looking to make meaningful connections.

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